CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabis, of course, is also known as marijuana, another topic that’s generating much controversy in the medical field. First impressions would tell us that cannabidiol must be a psychoactive stimulus because of its origin. Crazily enough, it’s NOT.

Giving CBD to your pet would calm or relieve the dog from pain without causing any harm due to potential intoxicating effects. CBD oil acts by targeting the receptors in various parts of the body that can stimulate relaxing effects. These various parts can include the brain, the central nervous system, immune cells, and the organs.

Pet owners nowadays are becoming interested in CBD treats for dogs and what benefits these cannabis-based treats can provide. There’s a potential market for cannabis-related products and giving them to pets is on the agenda. As pet owners, it will be very beneficial for you to learn more about CBD treats. Here are some facts that pet owners must know about them:

1. CBD dog treats won’t make your dog high

CBD is safe and legal and will cause no danger to your pet. The CBD in dog treats isn’t derived from marijuana but from hemp and will have no intoxicating effects. The CBD derived from marijuana contains THC which is a high-inducing chemical. Hemp CBD doesn’t contain this chemical, and the hemp-based treats will only offer a therapeutic and safe effect on your dog.

If as a pet owner, you use medical marijuana, don’t make the mistake of sharing this with dogs. As earlier mentioned, marijuana contains THC which could have fatal consequences if consumed by dogs and other animals. For safety purposes, make inquiries from professionals before feeding CBD treats to your furry friend.

2. Start with low doses

Chances are, your pet will fall in love with the new CBD treats. But you need to introduce them to the treat gradually, initially in small doses. This will ensure that your dog will not suffer in case there is a reaction to the new food. Work your way up until you would be giving your dog the recommended dosage.

CBD treats for dogs are therapeutic. In case you are treating your dog for some illness, be patient and wait for the improvements to appear. It may take time for your dog to heal or the medicinal qualities to take effect. Don’t rush the treatment and remain hopeful. If something unusual should happen, take your dog to the veterinarian.

3. Make sure you purchase high-quality, legit products

When treating yourself of an illness, you would search for the best medicine. Hold the same standards for your pets if you care for them. DIY recipes for treating your dog’s proliferate online. Don’t depend on these if you want the best for your dog. Purchase the CBD treats from reliable and reputable sources.

Make your orders from legitimate manufacturers who specialize in pet foods. What you need is a specific formulation that will cure your dog and not some DIY formula made at home where you’re not even sure if you’re using the right ingredients.

CBD dog treats can be very beneficial

There are many benefits when you give your furry friend CBD treats. That’s why more and more dog owners are now relying on them to keep their pets healthy. CBD treats a hot item for pets now. Furthermore, users believe CBD as a natural remedy for various pet illnesses.

Helps reduce anxiety

Nobody ever wants to have anxiety in their system or in everyday life. It’s an awful thing. Humans can talk about it and can find solace for it. Unfortunately, with dogs, they have to go through with anxiety without their masters being aware of their plight.

Yes, dogs can experience anxiety too and they can experience depression. This could lead to unwanted behaviors like rug-chewing, pacing, urinating, and more. The CBD contained in dog treats can help because CBD has relaxing properties and can calm dogs.

Gives the appetite a boost

It would be very difficult to determine the exact reason why dogs lose their appetite. Most of the time, nausea seems to be the culprit. Even human’s intake of food gets hindered when nausea sets in. Unless you take some medications to relieve the digestive issue and alleviate the pain, the condition doesn’t go away. Fortunately, CBD can do this for pets.

Helps relieve arthritis and inflammation

CBD can also help dogs who suffer from arthritis and inflammations. As we all know, these illnesses can cause pain, aching, and other similar diseases. CBD can act as a pain reliever by targeting painful joints and thus giving relief to your dog. Furthermore, CBD also soothes inflammations that will prevent your dog from properly healing.

Talk to your vet

It’s best to consult your veterinarian first before you purchase bulk amounts of CBD treats. Although there aren’t any known side effect from naturally grown and extracted CBD, it is best to best to make sure that CBD products will neatly fit into your pet’s diet.  A great number of seasoned professionals believe that CBD treats and other products can help treat the illness and increase quality of life for your pets as they age. To make sure that they are right try and see the benefits for yourself.

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