The kettlebell trend is still going strong. Few workout methods are as efficient and challenging as kettlebell circuits. During the busy Summer months, sometimes the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. You can train with kettlebells at home or outside. 

Kettlebells offer a low impact, intense workout. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), kettlebells provide an efficient workout. Kettlebells combine vigorous strength training workout with aerobic conditioning. Within 20 minutes, a few times a week, you can improve your fitness and still have plenty of time for the golf course.

Kettlebell swings can enhance your game! Men’s Health magazine rated the kettlebell swing the best exercise to improve your golf swing. The kettlebell is unevenly weighted and unstable like a golf club. The swing is the most popular kettlebell exercise, and it helps develop power.

Many kettlebell exercises help you move better. Kettlebell instructors usually include a dynamic warm-up that boosts mobility and flexibility. Improved mobility allows for smoother technique.

Kettlebell training helps activate the glutes! Pundits laughed when Tiger Woods proclaimed that his Torrey Pines golf game suffered because his “glutes were shutting off.” The glutes are the source of power behind a great golf swing. Training can help increase glute activation, power, and awareness. 

This training for golfers is not without controversy. Golf Digest‘s fitness editor Ron Kaspriske cautions against kettlebell training. He said that some kettlebell exercises might place too much stress on the wrists. 

Most kettlebell injuries are the result of poor technique. Reduce the risk by working with a trainer until you are confident with the technique. Some kettlebell trainers specialize in training golfers. 

Many golfers enjoy the efficient fitness, increased power and improved mobility from kettlebell training. With any new activity, be sure to seek professional guidance and practice correct form for an effective workout schedule.

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