According to the Quest Diagnostics survey, nearly half of all drug test positives are for cannabis. It can be concluded that marijuana users are the most likely targeted drug users. Given the fact that marijuana is the safest of all drugs in the world, it looks ironic that weed stays in your system far longer than any other drug.

You may ask exactly how long THC stays in your hair. Actually, there is no simple, definite answer to the question. That is because the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis called THC is fat-soluble, not water-soluble, and it can stay in your body for a period of time from a few hours to 90 days and more.

For those who are likely to face a hair drug test, here are some facts and tips you should know.

THC in Your Body

Being extremely hydrophobic, THC is metabolized and broken down by the system into nearly 80 different metabolites. THC particles make their way through the bloodstream to the brain and then to the rest of the system. The metabolites bind themselves to other compounds where THC is stored—oils and body fat tissues.

The length of time marijuana remains in your system varies depending on the frequency of use, your weight, body fat, age, height, and the amount of weed you consumed.

What Is Hair Drug Test?

The most common drug tests used are saliva, urine, and hair. Hair drug tests were designed to detect heavy long-term marijuana users.

Hair drug test is not the most popular and is used quite rarely, and it is clear why: it is more expensive than other types of tests, does not detect very recent drug use, and does not show the time of the last consumption.

When it comes to hair testing, your weight, age, and height mean absolutely nothing, although many websites would try to convince you otherwise. Instead, what does matter is your hair, the amount and potency of the drug used, and your metabolism. For example, the darker and thicker hair you have, the fewer chances you have of beating the test.

Also, take into account that the testing procedure varies between laboratories, e.g., Quest Diagnostic that uses EIA testing is a less accurate form while Psychemedics uses ELISA testing that isolates the metabolites and is more accurate.

How to Pass Hair Drug Test?

If you need to take your hair test in three or more weeks, the first thing you should do is detox your body. Regardless of when the last time you used cannabis was, your hair will continue to grow with THC inside. Most people believe that washing their hair with special “magic” shampoo like Mac or Macujo a dozen of times can render them clean. Do not make the same mistake. All these chemicals can do is cause extreme damage to your scalp and hair.

Only when your blood is free of THC, your hair will stop growing with it inside. So, the only one way is to cut your hair off and grow 1,5 centimeters back before the testing.

Lab technicians say that they are always laughing very hard when they see people who come to the testing with bleached hair that stinks like bathroom cleaning products.

Some products really act as masking agents, but they do not always work. Remember about the different methods of testing?

Finding Cannabinoids in Hair Does Not Prove Weed Consumption

German researchers at the Institute of Forensic Medicine found that marijuana tests do not always work.

They claim that THC metabolites were found in the person’s hair that grew before he actually consumed cannabis. It could happen because of transfer from marijuana consumers via touching or staying close to them while they are smoking marijuana. Furthermore, external THC metabolites can potentially penetrate the hair.

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