After numerous medical studies and reviews, researchers have concluded that hemp CBD oil is effective and safe for treating pain and inflammation, as well as managing chronic ailments associated with pain. CBD stands for cannabidiol, an organic chemical with powerful therapeutic qualities studied as a new drug, and CBD Oil for chronic pain relief is widely being used.

Hemp CBD oil is different from cannabis oil, which comes from the psychoactive marijuana plant. Although marijuana contains CBD as well, hemp-derived CBD oil contains less than 1 percent of the mind-altering compound found in marijuana, called THC. That’s why it’s legal in all 50 states. It also causes no side effects, addiction or withdrawal symptoms, making it a great alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers.

Hemp CBD Oil

How does for chronic pain relief work?

CBD oil works at the cellular level throughout your body’s regulatory systems, including the immune system, hormonal system, pain response system and more. It has receptors in virtually every cell in the body, which enable it to manipulate cells and return afflicted areas to a state of homeostasis and health. As a result, CBD can treat pain and inflammation, and even reverse symptoms of chronic ailments such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.

Here’s the research:

Your brain is responsible for generating sensations of pain in the body, and research has found that CBD can directly alter this process of pain perception. A 2017 study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology injected rats with CBD to examine changes in their response to pain. CBD diminished sensorial and affective dimensions of pain in the rats, which confirmed the role CBD plays in managing the brain’s perception of pain.

In a study on rats with sciatic nerve constriction, scientists administered hemp CBD oil orally and found neuropathic pain significantly reduced. They also noticed a potent anti-inflammatory effect. One study on rats with arthritis showed the same anti-inflammatory effect as well as reduced joint pain with no side effects.
According to medical reviews, hemp CBD oil has not only helped people with arthritis and sciatic nerve constriction who experience chronic pain but also people with fibromyalgia, cancer, and multiple sclerosis. It also alleviates menstrual cramp pain in women, and pain caused by injuries.

How do you take hemp CBD oil for pain?

To treat pain, take between 3 and 20 milligrams (mg) of hemp CBD oil per day, orally. The exact amount you need depends on your weight and the level of pain you’re experiencing. You can start by taking a smaller dose and increasing it in small increments to find your ideal dosage. At the right quantity, it generally takes around 25 minutes for the effects to kick in. Be sure not to take more than the recommended daily doses on the product label.

Hemp CBD oil is gaining popularity for its multitude of therapeutic health benefits. If you’re tired of dealing with side effects from pain medication that isn’t even working for you, then you can only gain from giving hemp CBD oil a try.

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