Until recently, the scientific world didn’t know much about the effects of the cannabis plant. There were some theories about its possible uses and a growing community of people espousing the benefits of using cannabis, but it was pretty unclear how the plant’s compounds exerted their effects on the mind and body. Nowadays, however, scientists are carefully studying the effects of cannabinoids (the chemical compounds in cannabis) to see how they interact with different illnesses. One surprising finding has been the usefulness of Cannabidiol (CBD) in treating epilepsy.

A fairly substantial body of scientific studies has revealed that people who suffer from epilepsy can benefit hugely from using products that contain CBD. While epilepsy sufferers usually endure scary, dangerous, and generally unpredictable seizures, there is relief to be found with CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, meaning that it doesn’t make you feel high on its own. Therefore, using items like hemp oil and tinctures can give you the positive effects of CBD without the feeling of being stoned, if that’s not something you want to experience (of course, there are also plenty of ways to get CBD and a buzz if that’s your preference!).

So how can CBD benefit people with epilepsy? Early studies were conducted on animals and found that CBD could reduce the number of seizures and also, at times, their severity. This brought considerable interest to the area because, unlike many conventional pharmacological medications, using a compound like CBD from hemp does not convey many (or any!) side effects. It can also be remarkably cheap. Because of this, the FDA then approved CBD testing in humans with epilepsy. One large study of over 200 children and adults found that using a CBD oil reduced the amount of seizures by over 50% on average. Other studies have reported similarly positive findings with CBD reducing seizures by over 40%. This is compelling because conventional treatments simply don’t work for around a third of people with epilepsy.

However, the disorder continues to derail lives and make it difficult for people to live, work, and socialize. For people with epilepsy who can’t be treated with traditional medicine, hemp oil and other cannabis-derived CBD products can provide real relief from very difficult symptoms. Imagine if you could cut your amount of seizures in half just by using a safe, non-invasive, and natural product? This is now a viable option thanks to CBD and read a recent article HERE to see how you can get it legally in all 50 states.

There are still some boundaries to be crossed before CBD can be counted as a standard treatment for epilepsy but the results so far are very promising. CBD oil can have great benefits for people suffering from epilepsy or other disorders that cause persistent seizures, so you may want to consult your doctor or a professional who has worked with CBD to see if it might be suitable for you. Legal boundaries are slowly being relaxed and more scientific findings are emerging about the benefits of using cannabis and cannabinoid products, so hopefully CBD will be an accepted treatment for epilepsy before you know it.

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