How Does CBD Treat Anxiety?

Anxiety is the state of being reactive to certain environments including stressful environments. It’s interesting that some people react to the smallest to the largest activity they’re involved with. Whether it’s driving a car by themselves or being in a room full of people. These cause them to have many anxiety disorders as there are many different people influenced by negative situations. The conditions within their body emanate feelings of fear and others. There are medications people take for anxiety, though it may not be the best for them. Synthetic medication often accompanies another set of symptoms within the patient who takes them. As you can see, anxiety is a serious condition that we all need to address.

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Best Greens to Mix in a Protein Shake

Deep in your heart, you know you should be eating more vegetables. But how to get the recommended number of veggie servings each day? If you are an active adult and you try to follow the U.S. government’s food pyramid guidelines, you’ll end up eating kale for breakfast and even the most dedicated health food fan might balk at that concept. Still, we all know that leafy green vegetables provide big bank for the buck when it comes to vitamins and minerals and that all-important dietary bonus of fiber.

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CBD Oil as an alternative to traditional medication

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a chemical found in cannabis plants. It is separate from THC, which is the chemical associated with the high people get from marijuana. When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Because of the stigma associated with marijuana, research on CBD has not been as plentiful as it could have been. Patients who have successfully used CBD have largely had to find this alternative on their own, although science is beginning to take notice of the chemical and its positive results for people.

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7 Benefits You’d Never Think Would Come From Honey

Honey’s ability to sweeten your food or drink is only a smidge of what it can do. It’s a natural, predigested type of sugar that helps your body in a number of ways. Whether you eat it by the spoonful, add it to your drink, or use it as a sweetener for your cereal, you may benefit by adding it to your diet.

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5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Love Onions

Onions are an often-omitted item on hamburgers worldwide. They tend to have a bad reputation for leaving you with the lingering scent of “onion breath.” Many people don’t realize, however, that those same stinky onions have powerful health benefits. Here is a list of five good reasons you should eat those onions.

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