7 Best Medicinal Herbs to Combine With Cannabis

Consuming a few more herbs besides cannabis is a great way to improve your health. You may use herbs for preparing essential or extract oils, making teas and edibles. The combination of these seven medicinal herbs with cannabis will make you forget about many diseases.

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What Is the Highest THC Strain?

Strong marijuana does not necessarily mean a pure THC strain. Indeed, cannabidiol does not provide a psychoactive effect, but the absence or a low level of CBD can make the high too aggressive, and the joy and happiness of smoking will be shadowed by too many side effects: red eyes, increased appetite, increased heart rate, and even paranoia and panic attacks.

Apart from this, there is also a terpene profile that can increase the THC effect and make an average THC level in one strain work more effectively than a high-THC strain. Unfortunately, it is difficult to measure how much exactly terpenes increase the high effect, therefore, most of the “high strains lists” are based only on the THC level.

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How Long Does THC Stay in Your Hair?

According to the Quest Diagnostics survey, nearly half of all drug test positives are for cannabis. It can be concluded that marijuana users are the most likely targeted drug users. Given the fact that marijuana is the safest of all drugs in the world, it looks ironic that weed stays in your system far longer than any other drug.

You may ask exactly how long THC stays in your hair. Actually, there is no simple, definite answer to the question. That is because the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis called THC is fat-soluble, not water-soluble, and it can stay in your body for a period of time from a few hours to 90 days and more.

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Does Smoking Marijuana Affect Our Lungs

As with everything surrounding the cannabis plant, the question of whether it helps keep our lungs healthy is still rather controversial. Many scientists studied the effects that smoking or vaporizing marijuana can have on us. The results show that there are both positive and negative consequences.

In this article, we will address different questions of medical impact on our respiratory systems—the capacity of stoner's lungs being one of the most frequently asked.

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Medical Marijuana Pros and Cons

So far, DC and 23 out of 50 U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana, but the debate about its safeness and efficiency is continuing.

Proponents claim medical marijuana can treat symptoms of a number of diseases and disorders, including glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. They cite multiple scientific studies, government reports, and facts about the medicinal use of marijuana throughout world history.

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