Back to Basics: Cannabis Oil vs. CBD Hemp Oil

There is a whole other world out there and it is centered around medical cannabis. The buzz that this fast-growing industry has created is all for good reason. The clinical data that is hidden out there and personal recovery stories are endless. However, even with all this information and knowledge, medical cannabis is still illegal and people are suffering.

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How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Once you’ve done your research and decided to use CBD oil on your dog, the next question you should ask yourself is how much you should administer. You want to find the optimal dose to alleviate the condition you’re trying to treat, but not overdose the dog on the product.

CBD oil can provide relief for dogs experiencing a number of conditions. It is extremely effective in dogs who struggle with anxiety. It also has a marked impact on the health of dogs suffering from degenerative conditions. The general aches and pain that accompany aging can be mitigated with CBD oil.

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CBD Oil and Your Dog

We read about the benefits of CBD oil for human beings who are suffering from pain caused by a variety of conditions. However, benefits of CBD are not limited to just humans. CBD can also be of major help to our dearly beloved pets.

CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body. This is a set of receptors that are found all over the body. CBD oil can treat a variety of conditions as it modulates the behavior of these receptors.

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What are the Best CBD Products Available for Dogs?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound that’s also highly therapeutic. People started using this for all its benefits, and now, it has opened up a new means of alternative therapy for dogs and other pets.

Nowadays, there are different products available for dogs such as CBD dog oil, CBD capsules, CBD dog treats and other edibles, as well as other similar wellness products. Read on to learn all about these products and more!

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Read this before buying CBD lotion

#1 – Which company is providing the CBD?

Typically businesses will buy their cannabinoids from a wholesale supplier to mix into their skin care products before releasing their inventory onto the market. CBD is not water soluble by nature, which means there could be separation occuring over time in the lotion, and all the cannabidiol will sink the the bottom. Luckily, Folium Biosciences has created a water soluble cbd formulation that eliminated the separation happening in skin care lines that use their phytocannabinoid rich hemp oils.

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