Consuming a few more herbs besides cannabis is a great way to improve your health. You may use herbs for preparing essential or extract oils, making teas and edibles. The combination of these seven medicinal herbs with cannabis will make you forget about many diseases.

1. Lavender

Both lavender and cannabis are abundant in the terpene linalool. When combined with CBD, linalool increases the cannabinoid’s anti-convulsant properties. When combined with THC, it can easily relax your muscles. Thus, lavender is often added to topicals for aromatherapy and massage.

2. Echinacea

This medicinal herb contains N-acylethanolamines (NAEs), compounds that are similar to CBD. Acting as an oxidant, echinacea can reduce inflammation and improve your immune function. The herb is also known for its pain-relieving effects.

3. Rosemary

Cannabis, black pepper, and rosemary all contain a terpene called beta-caryophyllene (BCP). BCP can interact with different cannabinoid receptors, providing various effects from reducing inflammation processes to relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

4. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa) as well as cannabis can ease hot flashes and mood swings during menopause. The herb also helps regulate the level of hormones, which is extremely important for women of all ages.

5. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha has been used for reducing difficulties with concentration as well as fighting fatigue and lack of energy. The herb is an adaptogenic root that helps your body adapt to stressful situations. Research proves that ashwagandha has the potential of an antidepressant and mood stabilizer.

6. Holy Basil

According to recent studies, Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) can reduce levels of the stress hormone in animal models. The herb is known for its stress-busting properties. Moreover, in the form of a topical, Holy Basil can treat acne.

7. St. John’s Wart

In a 2009 review, this herb was considered as effective as prescription antidepressants. You may use teas, extracts, or capsules with St. John’s Wart along with cannabis to elevate your mood and relieve pain.

There is a great variety of different medicinal herbs that can be perfect for combining with cannabis. However, make sure that the interaction of cannabis with any herb will give you positive results by consulting with your doctor or herbalist.

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