In a world of overpriced medications brimming with side effects, more and more people are turning to CBD, or Cannabidiol, a chemical from the Cannabis plant that has been proven to help people live better lives.

CBD comes from the same plant as marijuana but does not contain the THC responsible for making people high. Instead, it is noted for its ability to support pain relief and stress management.

One area where CBD can be particularly helpful is in managing insomnia. Here are five ways that CBD can help you get better sleep.

CBD relieves pain.

Many people who suffer from chronic pain have replaced addictive and destructive prescription painkillers with CBD. It is especially helpful with decreasing inflammation that can cause joint pain and arthritis, which can make sleeping a difficult and even painful experience.

If pain is causing your sleeplessness, CBD oil may be able to stop the pain and allow you to rest without the use of heavy pain medications.

CBD relaxes muscles.

In addition to reducing inflammation, CBD works within the nervous system to relax the muscles. When you have pain and tension in your muscles, it can stop you from sleeping. Relaxing your muscles will help your entire body enter a relaxed state where sleep is possible.

CBD reduces stress anxiety.

One common reason for insomnia is anxiety. Many people find that they simply cannot get their brains to turn away from stress long enough to rest.

CBD helps alleviate this problem by reducing anxiety and stress. This will calm your mind and body so you are able to get some sleep.

CBD keeps you alert during the day.

One recent study showed that when rats were given CBD in daylight, they became more alert. In the dark, the CBD did not have the same effect.

Sometimes people who suffer from drowsiness during the day have trouble falling asleep at night. This is especially true if you find yourself unable to get through the day without a nap. This leads to sleeplessness at night and a disruption in sleep rhythms.

If you stay alert and active throughout the day, your nighttime sleep is likely to improve.

CBD increases deep sleep.

CBD can help regulate your sleep cycle, resulting in you getting better and more restful sleep. Sometimes people have difficulty sleeping due to a disruption in the sleep cycle.

CBD has been found to increase the period of time when your body is in deep, restorative sleep. It also decreases REM, a state of light sleep that includes dreaming.

When your body gets longer periods of deep sleep, you are likely to stay asleep for an increased amount of time and wake up more rested.

Sleep disorders and having trouble sleeping are very common today. Some people find that over-the-counter medications are not helpful, and prescription sleep medications can sometimes come with harmful side effects.

CBD has no known side effects, making it an excellent alternative to prescription drugs and sleeping pills.

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