Onions are an often-omitted item on hamburgers worldwide.  They tend to have a bad reputation for leaving you with the lingering scent of “onion breath.”  Many people don’t realize, however, that those same stinky onions have powerful health benefits.  Here is a list of five good reasons you should eat those onions.

1. Onions are good for your heart. 

It is believed that the adenosine in onions works much like an aspirin in stopping the formation of blood clots which can lead to heart attacks.

2. Onions reduce your risk of cancer. 

The high concentration of phytochemicals like diallyl sulfide and flavonoids in onions offers protection against certain types of cancer.  The sulfur compounds in conjunction with these phytochemicals block the effect of certain carcinogens on the body. 

Onions increase HDL cholesterol. 

Onions help protect against damaging plaque buildup in the arteries by increasing the level of HDL in your blood.

Onions are good for your immunity.  

Onions have moderate antibacterial properties. Consuming onions on a regular basis may boost your body’s ability to resist illness. 

Onions can reduce blood sugar levels. 

The sulfur compounds and flavonoids in onions can help to reduce blood sugar levels.  Additionally, the chromium in onions enhances your body’s reaction to insulin.

Eating raw onion is the best way to maximize its health benefits.  As onions are exposed to heat, their cancer-reducing phytochemicals begin to break down.  The next time you grab a burger, ask for extra onions.  It just might make you feel a little less guilty about your indulgence.

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